Our Guiding Principles

With each type of product we sell, we believe it is important to adhere to specific principles. We want you to know that we do everything responsibly and sustainably.

Meat - We believe in treating animals, well, like animals. The cows that make up the beef that we give you are allowed to roam in green pastures, and they certainly aren’t pumped up with synthetic growth hormones (which might be as bad for us as they are for them). We encourage limited use of antibiotics as we believe that it is inhumane to leave an ill animal untreated should they require care. Ultimately, we are offering you the best pork and beef with as minimal interference as possible. Our lambs and goats get the same posh treatment, too.

Dairy – The milk, yogurt and cheese that we provide comes from hormone and antibiotic-free animals. Our animals always have access to the great outdoors and natural forage for their favorite foods. Our pasture based standards apply to all of our dairy products Organic and non-organic alike.

Poultry & Eggs – The chickens that lay our eggs are cage free and are fed an all veggie diet, with no added hormones. Because they have room to strut and peck and eat a natural diet, this allows us to provide great tasting eggs that create even better tasting food!

Seafood – What comes from the sea and how we catch it is just as important as what comes from the land. We strongly believe in serving you the fish that is available from eco-friendly fish farms (the fancy word is aquaculture) or that is wild-caught from USA waters. Whatever the source, we seek supplies that are great to eat and come from biologically sustainable populations. We love our earth, and we want to ensure our ocean is treated with respect as well, and we are adamant about not further depleting the fish in the sea, or changing the sea’s ecosystem. Occasionally, we will include a specialty fish from outside of our typical sourcing region. Those too come from sustainable, trusted aquaculture operations and safe waters.

Produce – Produce completes our fresh offerings and is an area that occupies much of our attention. Why do we pay so much attention? We pay attention because we know it is important to you. To make sure you get produce that meets our standards, all of our suppliers must balance freshness, taste, and environmental sustainability in their production systems. This applies whether the produce is conventional or "Organic." The same demands apply to growers and shippers alike. Our standards are particular to the crop and the season. We are always glad to talk about them.

Bakery – All of our delicious bread is made how bread should be made - with freshly ground, whole grains. We don’t use refined flour, and we certainly don’t add anything artificial. This means our breads are highly nutritious and made to be eaten, not stored.

Value-Added Products – We've spent a great deal of time curating specialty products for our baskets and Market. These items include products made with the finest ingredients by the best producers in our community. We offer items like freshly roasted coffee, hand-made granola and preserves made with produce picked at the peak of ripeness. We've selected the best dried spices for your kitchen, as well as fresh and dried pastas, culinary oils and teas. We know that good food made by good people is what we want in our pantries, and as such, we want to share these items with you. Many of these items are only available in the winter, when the bounty of the land is limited.

People – We can give you all the jargon about the principles to which we adhere, but what really is important to us, is our friends – the farmers with which we work and the customers we serve. We believe in quality of life for everyone involved in our community. Without you and them, our shared love of good quality food, and our belief in what we do, we wouldn’t have Friends & Farms.