Country Acres Cider & Produce

The Garbers

Waynesboro, PA

Full line of fruits and vegetables

Country Acres Cider & Produce was started by Lester and Laban Garber in 1990. At that time, the brothers were operating a dairy farm and making small batches of cider from local apples in their barn. The cider was such a hit that they gave up the dairying life and started full time in the orchard and cider business. Eventually, the orchard operation expanded into other fruits and vegetables. Today, the brothers run two farm operations with the help of their children and plan to expand as their families grow.

Lester and Laban are very serious about producing high quality produce, and feel that the connection between them and the end consumer is very important. Having worked with food for a number of years, they are dismayed by the conventional food system which doesn't always allow for quality products to end up on a consumer's table. They are also disheartened by the fact that often when a product reaches someone's table, it may be weeks old and has been knocked around in shipping and distribution. They are passionate about providing great, fresh food to you.