Prigel Family Creamery

Bobby Prigel & family

Glen Arm, MD

Ice cream and ice cream mix

The Prigel family has been farming in the Long Green Valley for over 100 years and five generations. John Mathias Prigel moved to the property which is now Bellevale Farm, as a sharecropper in 1895, and the Prigels have been dairy farming there ever since. They are now diversifying their farming practices to enable their business to survive in changing times. Prigel Family Creamery allows Bellevale Farm to be economically and environmentally sustainable, and a continuing part of Long Green Valleys agricultural heritage

The Prigel Family creamery processes milk from the Bellevale Farm into fresh, nutrient dense dairy foods. The cows graze on grass grown from organically balanced soils. 

The Prigels are committed to their community, to integrity in their stewardship of the land, and to the humane treatment of their animals. Their goal is to continue to make the farm economically viable for future generations.