Shepherds Manor Creamery

Colleen and Michael Histon

New Windsor, MD

Sheep’s milk cheese and sheep’s milk soap

You might be wondering what would make a couple like Colleen and Michael Histon begin a sheep dairy operation and creamery. They like to joke that they are gluttons for punishment, but in reality, they have always wanted a sustainable agricultural business that provides a food product. They have raised sheep for many years and when the idea of making cheese was brought to their attention, they researched the possibilities and decided it would be a challenging, unique adventure from which they could make a living. They are always up for a challenge!

Colleen and Michael both have full-time positions off of the farm while balancing the joys of this new adventure. They started new season milking on April 1st and will plan to produce a fresh, pasteurized cheese as well as the raw milk aged cheeses: feta, tome and Colby.