Our Promise

We have a few simple guidelines that we feel are important, and which also make us unique:

  • Each and every week, we aim to bring you a basket of fresh, high quality foods that are designed to work for you and your family. We build our baskets with recipes in mind so that you can use all the ingredients efficiently. We also aim to make our baskets as customizable as possible, while working within our model and keeping our prices fair for all involved.
  • We support eating in a regionally-focused way, therefore; we strive to source from partners who are as close to home as possible. We first source locally and from the Mid-Atlantic region. When items from that region aren’t available, we will find Eastern produce available to fill your basket. We also believe that you should know your source of supply, personally, whenever possible.
  •  Our intention is to encourage people to eat how we should be eating – by providing you with food that is ripe, ready, and in season. In the cold winter months (just when you are missing bright berries and crisp apples sweet melons), we will provide you with carefully stored items, individually quick frozen Eastern produce to supplement your greenhouse items, and winter produce like hearty greens to round out your basket.
  • We believe in the ethical and humane treatment of all animals and people. This belief ranges from our cage free hens and pasture-raised beef to the proper treatment of the field workers who harvest our food, to our employees and to you, our customers.
  • We want to support our suppliers, and in order to do this, we must pay a fair price for our products – ALWAYS. This means that we then pass this fair price on to our customers. We believe everyone should feel good about their interactions with us, and feel that what we supply is great value-for-money. On most of our products this means a better price for you and better terms for the farmer.