The Friends & Farms Story

At Friends & Farms, we believe in honest food. We value provenance, quality, price, and above all, transparency. We can always trace your food back to those who grew, reared or made it. Ultimately, we support eating regionally, and want to empower people to change the way in which they eat.

Being accountable to you, our customers, and trusted by our partners (the farmers, makers & bakers) is our top priority. We ask our partners to adhere to strict principles and to respect the land and animals in their care. Fundamentally, we choose our partners wisely. By doing so, we’re able to provide you with good quality, good for the environment food. As a bonus, we’re able to help regional farmers to grow in a sustainable way. Sustainable to us means good for the environment and good for the wallet - both yours & the farmers'.

What makes us different? We work directly with the best producers in each of their fields. We know exactly how your food is made; how it’s grown and what does or doesn’t go into it. Eating with the seasons is not only a tasty way to live, it is also economical.

So, how did we get here? As a group of frustrated farmers and disgruntled consumers, we started looking for a better way to get fresh, local and regional foods into the hands of consumers who are looking for the convenience and pricing of the grocery store, combined with the freshness and quality found at most farmers' markets. We recognized that the Mid-Atlantic, and especially our own Chesapeake Bay Watershed, were regions that could produce quality food year-round. This seasonal production capacity, while great, had no marketing infrastructure to reach the consumer year-round.  When we realized this, it was time to sit down with the producers we knew and trusted to begin building an entirely new food system. The result of these efforts is, Friends & Farms.