Who We Are

Each of us at Friends & Farms has had a different journey that has led us to the same purpose. That purpose is to use our skills and experience to establish a regional food system that improves food quality, reconnects our relationship with real food, reduces time from harvest to consumption, provides a good living for our suppliers, and is responsive to environmental concerns. At Friends & Farms we are making small steps to help make this happen.

Philip Gottwals


Philip has spent over twenty years helping farmers improve their profitability as well as their quality of life. Throughout this time, he’s learned that many farmers are working in a system that they don’t particularly like, and are barely sustaining a life for their families. With this knowledge, he has arrived where he is today; wanting to reinstate the connection that people once had with real food and rebuild the relationship that people had with the individuals who produce their food.

Philip is passionate about providing people with great quality food from regional sources. He believes that consumers should know exactly where their food was grown and processed, and should be able to trust these sources. He also firmly believes that good quality food should be accessible to all socio-economic segments. His goal is to grow Friends & Farms in order to demonstrate the positive impacts that it can have on society as a whole.

Tim Hosking


Tim has spent the better part of a decade running his own consultancy; providing advice to small and medium-sized enterprises across a wide range of industries in several locations including New York City and abroad. After spending time within corporate America, he realized he wanted to operate from a place where he could help to change or create alternate marketplaces, especially in the food sector.

Tim’s love of good quality food and understanding of business mechanics has lent itself to establishing a long-term vision of how to encourage people to eat regionally. He is passionate about bringing back a level of quality, availability, cleanliness and freshness that is hard to find in grocery stores today. Through the vehicle of Friends & Farms, he hopes to educate consumers, introduce them to new foods, and start to change the landscape of the food system.