How It Works

Every week, we choose the freshest, seasonal produce, meat, seafood and dairy from our network of regional suppliers. We then package your basket of foods, transport it to a location near you on one of our chilled trucks, and give you a convenient time to collect it. The Large and Small baskets contain a two items of protein (poultry, pork, beef or seafood), some wholesome vegetables and fruits, a bit of dairy, and a loaf of bread every week. We also have Large and Small Lean Protein options, which include poultry and seafood every week as the two protein selections. 

Our Protein & Dairy Bag starts with the meat, poultry, and seafood selections you find in our traditional Small package with supplemental proteins or additional portions added to balance the basket.  The Protein & Dairy Bag also includes a weekly dairy item and one dozen eggs every week. 

The one-person basket has milk and dairy on alternate weeks. All of this allows you to make fresh, healthy, eco-friendly, and most importantly, tasty meals. If you care to add items to your basket to complete your weekly shopping, you can do that too in The Market.

Each week you have the opportunity to supplement your basket with items from The Market. Simply place on order for additional items by Sunday evening, and those items will be included in that week's basket.

The Saturday before you receive your basket, we’ll let you know what it will include (via e-newsletter) so that you can start planning your meals and preparing your larder.

We offer five types of our omnivore baskets: Large - family of four, Small - family of two, Large Lean Protein - family of four with lean proteins only, Small Lean Protein - family of two with lean proteins only, and Individual - perfect for one. Pricing for each of the baskets can be found on the Signup page. Subscriptions payments are made in a lump sum for the duration of the subscription you choose.

When you sign up, you will be asked to make a series of choices (basket size, quarterly or monthly payment cycle, pickup location, and bread, seafood and milk preferences). For seafood, we are giving you three options: you would like seafood whenever it is a weekly basket selection, you would like seafood but not shellfish, or you prefer not to receive any seafood at all. If seafood is a weekly basket selection and you have opted out of shellfish or opted out of seafood entirely, we will substitute a different protein for you that week. 

In addition to the omnivore’s baskets, we offer a Protein & Dairy weekly share. This package will include the same high-quality protein and dairy selections as our Large and Small omnivore’s baskets, less the bags of fresh produce and bread. Occasionally, this basket will be supplemented with an additional protein item to ensure that it meets our value proposition. The contents of each week’s basket can be seen on our "What’s in Our Basket?" page. 

We also offer a vegetarian basket, which comes in one size. This basket does include eggs and milk, making it an "ovo-lacto" basket. It is built to provide 2-3 meals for two people. Subscriptions payments are made in a lump sum for the duration of the subscription you choose. This is a great option for both customers who follow a vegetarian diet, or for those customers who like to hand select their meat proteins through The Market.

We've done our homework and comparatively shopped at all of the major grocery stores, and not only do we come in at or below local grocery store prices for the same products, we also allow you to be able to trace from exactly where your food came and offer better quality.

Need something extra? Don’t worry; you can always add additional items to your order.